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Mizar Portable (EBNeuro)

Mizar Portable, with its 25/40 wide-band (DC-20 KHz) channels (expandable up to 104 channels), is able to record EEG, Video EEG, EP's and to perform multi-modal monitoring. The flexibility and high quality signal (low noise, high sensitivity, optimal CMRR) makes of Mizar the ideal partner for the neurophysiologist.

In order to allow the operator to control the unit remotely, Mizar includes a built-in backlit graphical LCD display that - through a menu-driven graphical interface and its control keys - allows the user to check the impedances of the electrodes, to display in real-time the waveform of selected traces, and to remotely-operate the PC in order to start or stop the acquisition … all this without the need to walk back and forth from the patient to the monitoring room!

The headbox may be disconnected from amplifier which can prove extremely useful, for example in case of sleep recordings, when the patient needs to get temporarily out of bed. This same headbox can also operate as patient proxy, connected with an extension cable to the amplifier, thereby providing an incredibly flexible way to manage the patient position and amplifier location.

Cognitive potentials from the P300 to the CNV (using various stimulation protocols) can also be recorded, allowing the user to study in detail the topographic mapping of the recorded potentials. Moreover, an invaluable aid in neurosurgery (both for high-resolution EEG and Cortical EEG monitoring) is the availability of Source Localization software and MRI co-registration.
The fiber optic communications cable allows the user to move the amplifier up to 500 meters from the control room where the recording computer is located. This is an ideal solution for long-term Video EEG and Sleep recordings, for which a built-in pulse oximeter is also available.


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