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Galileo BE Plus (EBNeuro)

Galileo Be Plus Configuration

The new outstanding modular system developed by one of the leading European Companies in the Neurophysiology Medical Solutions field.

The Heart

The heart is the new, portable 64 channels amplifier, which allows to reach performances that in the past where proper of top level research systems only, such a highly detailed sampling rate, for a supreme time resolution. The system can also be connected to another 64 channels amplifier, to obtain a flexible, yet compact 128 channels system that the patient can wear.
A true 16 bits AD conversion grants a top level amplitude resolution, while the fiber optics connection to PC better isolate from disturbances, allowing the system to be also used in demanding environments.

The Mind

The new amplifier can be easily integrated in the Galileo Software environment, as well as all the other amplifiers of the Brain Explorer line, for a complete flexibility. Your lab can expand it's capabilities to also include high level investigations keeping the same database, the same software features and the same commands used on routine equipments. More power, more capabilities without changing your daily workflow.


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