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NeMus (EBNeuro)


NeMus has been developed as a highly reliable product, able to record with the best accuracy the electromyographic signal of interest.

The quality of signal, the novelty of technical solutions, and the software’s ease of use and the possibility of expanding its features makes the NeMus system a state of art in the field of electrodiagnostic instrumentation.

The trolley, with an elegant and efficient design accommodates in ergonomic way all the system parts. In particular the articulated tubular arm allows a complete regulation for the preferred working position.

Moreover the system guarantees EP functionality, like AEP, SEP and MEP.

Software Galileo NT

The extremely intuitive user interface as well as the high computation power makes NeMus an outstanding working tool.

A large variety of basic and advanced tests for the investigation of clinical EMG and nerve conductions are available.

In particular, the software shows several key features such as the complete customization of the report in Word format, which is also made available during the exams recording for a quick and effective analysis of the acquired traces, the optimization of the workflow by fast links, which allow to quickly switch between different exams, following the diagnostic requirements, and the network management of data stored on Galileo platform.


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