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Galileo Mizar Sirius (EBNeuro)

Galileo Mizar Sirius


An ergonomic and transportable workstation, for acquisition and review, with high hardware, software and networking performances, supporting any neurophisiological diagnostic practice (EEG Standard, Evoked and Event Related Potentials, Sleep Analysis, Epilepsy monitoring).

Connectivity, Integration and Facility

Galileo Patient Management System, with its simple and intuitive interface, is based on advanced technologies such as:

  • High networking performances (on-line and off-line trace and patient data review, data transfer)
  • High configurability (guided acquisition and Hospital Informative System integration)
  • Reliable data storage application and system back-up facility
  • Data export in the main standard formats for biomedical data sharing (edf, ascii, xml). MS Word compatible reports permits model customization and automatic editing for patient history files and reports

Data sharing

EEG Browser represents a further way to manage neurophisiological data sharing and exchange. User can review and work on any Galileo recordings, on any computer without any software installation required.

Galileo NT Software

Strong instrument to manage:

  • EEG/Polygraphic (airflow, pressure, muscle, etc.)
  • Video EEG (with any digital/analogical camera)
  • Evoked Potentials (SEP, AEP, VEP)
  • Event Related Potentials
  • Neurophysiological Monitoring (EEG and/or EP)
  • EEG in MRI environment

It offers several functionalities, both for on-line and off-line processing, that make it a basic support for the neurophisiological diagnosis

  • Burst Suppression
  • Relative Power
  • Total Power
  • Median
  • SEF
  • Trend EP: Latency and Amplitude
  • Spectral Mapping
  • Measures
  • Statistical Spectral Analysis
  • Video Zoom


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